Customising your sofa is super easy with these 3 simple steps

Choose the Sofa Type 

At Euro Sofa we have:
1) Single Seater, 2 Seater or 2.5 Seater
2) Sofa with L-Shape at the corner 
3) Both side with L-Shape sofa, perfect for any corners
4) Long Couch or a Recliner sofa

Materials: Full Leather or Fabric

You can opt to choose either Full Leather or Fabric for your sofa and the finishing type.

Personalise Your Colour

Choose the colours that best suit your personality & style. Remember to take into consideration where your sofa will be placed and who will be using the sofa, for your personal use, family use or living with pets.

We love to hear from you. Share with us what you have in mind for your customised sofa by emailing to us at 

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