2.5 Seater Sofa in Full Vintage Leather | Nara

Urban Collective Piece for Industrial Lovers

NARA features a distinctive single-piece seat to embody the modern style while dishing out elements of Urban Collective. Coupled with our Vintage Leather, this is a staple for Industrial/ Boho homes. Back seats come with zippers attached to the back frame, allowing for easy cleaning. NARA comes with 2 bolsters upholstered in Vintage Leather.

Dimensions: 184cm L  x 100cm W x 84cm H

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Vintage Cowhide Leather

“Vintage” leather usually refers to the highest-quality full-grain leather that has aged to a beautiful, burnished patina. it’s a style statement, a comfort blanket and a future heirloom all in one. Our leather is sourced directly from Italian tanneries.

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