Allesio 1.2M Extension Table, Ceramic

Discover the new Allesio Extension Table. With a glossy sintered stone top, this space-saving modern table will revolutionize your room! Expand the table with ease to create the perfect gathering spot for every occasion. Take the plunge and enjoy the adventure of Allesio.

Material: Gloss Sintered Stone

Colour: Gloss Statuaria White

Dimension: L120/180xD80xH76cm

1.8m Available


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Table Surfaces and Disclaimer

Each batch of stone and wood tables may vary with one another due to natural materials being used. Slight deviation in grain, colour are a commonality.

Mix and Match to Complete the Look

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    We carry a myriad of designer chairs meant to complement the dining tables we carry. From wooden legs to metal legs, find the perfect fit to outfit your home.

  • Quality, Modern Dining Tables

    We pick out the latest trends in dining before making our selection to bring in these dining tables. From the popular sintered stone, evergreen marble to modern solid wood - each and every piece is made to fit a particular style. Style comfortably with our wide range.

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    You have chosen a dining table. What next? Choose from our wide selection of dining chairs to bundle up! Complete dining sets of minimally 1 table and 4 chairs will entitle for our bundle deal. For more information on this, visit our showroom.

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