Almar Bookcase

Anthracite Highland Colour

Dimension: L90xD40xH180cm

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Customise your sofa

  • Choose the Sofa Type 

    Single Seater, 2 Seater or 2.5 Seater

    Sofa with L-Shape at the corner 

    Both side with L-Shape sofa, perfect for any corners

    Long Couch or a Recliner sofa

  • Choose the Sofa Material

    Full Leather

    Half Leather



    for your sofa and the finishing type.

  • Personalise Your Colour

    Choose the colours that best suit your personality & style. Remember to take into consideration where your sofa will be placed and who will be using the sofa, for your personal use, family use or living with pets.

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Ultimate Customisation Sofa Guide

Learn about all the different type of sofa customization options available here at Euro Sofa! At Euro Sofa we build high-quality sofa to suits your needs and taste; from classic designs to contemporary design for your home. 

It is all about Personalisation

You can decide your own design that suits your personal taste and you know exactly what you need. Instead of searching for that perfect furniture piece which is time-consuming, instead, design your own custom built furniture that suits according to your lifestyle. For a start, let's examine your style and how best can you express that style. Then you can decide on the exact type of furniture, colours, materials and the tiny details you need. It is so easy that even you can be a Home Designer!

It is Not Complicated

Here’s how to get started and what to expect.

a) Measure the Room

FIrstly, you need to measure the room that you want to customise your furniture. The simplest way is to get the height (until the ceiling), the width of the room and if there are any windows too. So that you can get the holistic view of the room. For example, when customising a room, one must take into consideration of the sofa, carpet, cabinets, coffee table, TV console and extra chairs or recliner. Knowing the dimensions of your current room may help you in your decision on what can you fit in the room. Also keep in mind on your wall colours and your floor materials as that will helps to determine the overall concept.

b) Choose the Sofa Type

Next, is the sofa type and size that you want for your room. Here are the sofa designs that you can choose from.

1) A 2 seater, 2.5 seater sofa or a Single Seater

2) Sofa with L-Shape at the side

3) A L-Shape sofa that is perfect for corner

4) Recliner for relaxation

5) Or a Long Couch 

c) Now for the Feel

When choosing the colours, materials, and patterns, first you need to consider where will your furniture live with? Does your furniture that you need are for family, single or pet-friendly? Do you need darker or lighter colour if you are not living alone. Or a long lasting material if you are living with family or have a pet?

Here are some of the consideration that you need to look into

1) Colours: Dark or Light

2) Materials: Leather or Fabric